Easter Week

Happy Easter!  What an incredible week we have had here at the Tyler house!  It feels amazing to (finally) be checking things off that daunting to-do list.  Three big ones this week- We finished the fence, complete with dog run, chicken/duck run, and privacy in the pool area.  The guest bathroom is completely demolished.  That … More Easter Week

Silver Spoons

Be warned: long-windedness ahead.  A few bumps in the road, some belly laughs, and a very dangerous prayer. But read to the end because it is well worth the time you will spend getting there. This morning, Mackenzie and I took our quarterly trip to Target.  I am sure it would have been a very … More Silver Spoons

All Things New

Today is the first day of Spring! My excitement for this season simply cannot be contained.  Spring brings a promise of newness, life, beauty, and hope.  After the stormy year we have had, this is a most welcome promise. Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my amazing father-in-law who passed away in April of 2014.  He … More All Things New

A Day at the Zoo

One nice day above 40 degrees and the whole city heads outdoors- namely to those infamous family-friendly locations where kids get in free and can run around burning up energy until nap time.  For us (and hundreds of other locals), that place is the zoo. It was the kiddo’s first trip to the zoo.  And … More A Day at the Zoo


Hi I’m Brittney Tyler! Thanks for stopping by my new blog!  I am excited to start this journey of revealing my heart and connecting with people who are so inspiring to me.  I invite you to share with me as I fumble around this world of blogging while balancing my roles as a wife, Mama, child of God, artist, … More Introduction

Moto Photo

Cole as my subject model Yep, I pimped out my little brother to be a subject model so I could try out this new camera.  I mean, he could be a model, but he definitely doesn’t need to know that.  These are entirely unedited, straight from the DSLR.  I guess I’m looking for ways to … More Moto Photo

Broccoli-Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Creamy Turkey Bacon Gravy

Nom Nom Nom! Make this Broccoli-Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Creamy Turkey Bacon Sauce and you will not regret it- and neither will your waistline.  Not only is this stand alone dish on the light side of hearty, but it is so much easier than it looks.  The best part- this delicious meal is relatively low … More Broccoli-Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Creamy Turkey Bacon Gravy