Easter Week


Happy Easter! 

What an incredible week we have had here at the Tyler house!  It feels amazing to (finally) be checking things off that daunting to-do list.  Three big ones this week- We finished the fence, complete with dog run, chicken/duck run, and privacy in the pool area.  The guest bathroom is completely demolished.  That means I can start placing new flooring and drywall to get this thing put back together.  Lastly, the pool is no longer a swamp… but is now filled with clear, blue water!  We almost have the backyard ready for cookouts, swimming, gardening, and our latest endeavor- poultry!

That’s right, folks.  We have backyard chickens and ducks.

Well, presently they are indoor chicks and ducklings who have taken up residence here in my office.  Nothing like channeling creativity to the sweet sound of peeps and cheeps.  Introducing our feather babies:

We will also be getting 2 more pullets (hens) in the next few weeks, and are so looking forward to this new adventure of urban homesteading.  I am a farm girl at heart, and this is one step closer to that dream’s realization.  And like the supportive, loving man he is, my wonderful husband is going along with it.

In addition to celebrating Easter and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior this weekend, we celebrated my Mother-in-Law’s 60th birthday!  It was amazing to be surrounded by friends and family, see loved ones who traveled from out of town, and honor an incredible woman.

On Easter we wore our Sunday best and went to church.  After, we had a delicious brunch with my family and spent time with some very dear friends.  It was a little chilly for egg hunting, so Kenzie wrestled the giant frog instead. #PrincessandtheFrog

She won in case you were wondering.

Here are a few more pics from the day.

How was your Easter week?


P.S.- Braden wanted me to post this picture of him looking awesome in the Razor he thoroughly enjoyed riding this weekend.  #gigglesfromthecreek

such a manly man


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